Mastodon's Lists let you follow handpicked accounts on their own timeline.

The single-column interface makes it a bit easier to use them:

1. Click on "Lists" in the right sidebar

2. Enter a new list title, click + to create it

3. Click on the new list's name to open it

4. Click on the three sliders icon in the top right corner, click "Edit List"

5. Click "Search among people you follow" and enter keywords, then click + to add to your list

6. Click outside the box to close it



Thanks for that. Didn't even realize we have lists in here. Do you know if there's a way (or a tool) to schedule toots, much like TwitterDeck?

@gomez @fedilab @switchingsocial

Interesting app. Because I write my scheduled tweets from desktop, I want to do the same with toots. There's a git project that connects Twitter and Mastodon, so essentially I can use twirterDeck for scheduled toots... I'm exploring this for now as well.


@jrss @gomez @fedilab @switchingsocial

If you use Linux, there are a couple of cli clients out there. Toot is written in python. Could use it combination with crontab to have it toot when it is triggered by the interval you set in crontab.

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