81 people in the #fediring's webring now :bolbsweat:

we need to get those numbers up! :akko_fistup:

@amolith heya. I tried to sign up by sending an email as described but got an "Undelivered Mail" response with the following error:
<~amolith/fediring@todo.sr.ht>: host todo.sr.ht[] said: 550
Internal auth access denied (in reply to end of DATA command)

Is this a problem on my mail server's end?

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@roytang Hmm I'm not entirely sure what the issue there is. Are you on the libera.chat IRC network at all? If so, you could hop in #sr.ht and ask what the error indicates. As long as they're awake, ddevault or emersion will usually reply within a couple minutes, or someone else in the community will.

I do run my own mail server but I've never seen that error :bunthink:

@amolith thanks! they fixed the problem and i was able to send the email

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