@roytang you can report news, albeit very difficult, without bias just by presenting the facts, not editorializing it.

@r the best news entities will attempt that, sure. But you can't report everything (physically impossible), so the choice of what facts to present is already in itself is an editorial decision. In many cases, even the facts will be "biased" to some. For example Twitter tried to add a link to facts about mail-in balloting to Trump's tweets and he claims that's "biased". One can try to be unbiased as much as possible, but you often can't avoid your own experiences affecting your tone, delivery, etc

@roytang I agree that biases are difficult to remove, but you can still be as objective as possible - by reporting it as it is, with no comments whatsoever. Yes, the choice of what to report, is, of course, tainted already.

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