It's somehow so satisfying to know that my phone runs 0 lines of objc and there's not a single objc_msgSend executing anywhere on the system; *and* that mom's phone runs 0 lines of Java, there's no JVM or bytecode of any sort, just pure objc & NSAwesomeness.

But unfortunately, both systems run klocs of impure no-good C++ 😐


@bugaevc Has somehow apple managed to force every app to update to Swift?

That would be really, really weird!

@bugaevc This part made me think of it.

But if you don't mean what I say, then what do you mean?

@bugaevc @npyl his phone actually runs a plan 9-like system adapted to touch screens on top of GNU/Hurd

@YaLTeR @bugaevc You can't be serious! Tell me you are joking 😂

@npyl @YaLTeR he is joking, I only run Plan 9 on GNU Hurd on my notebook, not my phone 😉 😆

@bugaevc @YaLTeR That's good to know cause I was "frightened" for a brief.

This would have made you a beast of a hacker haha.

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