I did it!!!!

TL;DR: I have ported to and written my own Wayland compositor using Cocoa 😎


@npyl how come this is your first toot, of all things?

Do I know you? You're the one that asked about Darling Foundation, right?


@bugaevc Yup, im the one that asked. I saw the mastodon link on your github profile and when i followed it first tout was this one! :)

@npyl ah, that explains it! :D

Well, welcome to :mastodon: then! Do you known your way around here or do you need some pointers?

And note that that toot is the beginning of a longer thread (that's why it's marked "0/5"); perhaps you've noticed but maybe you didn't.

@bugaevc Yup i noticed that too, and I kinda found them awesome aswell. xD

It's good to be a part of this community, though I'm totally new here, if you are so kind any pointers would be welcome! :)

• read these: blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/08/ github.com/joyeusenoelle/Guide
• follow some interesting people! Here are some recommendations from me to bootstrap your home feed: @jamey @JPEG @alcinnz @brunoph @brion @wezm @ikyle @uliwitness @schlink (don't forget to untag all these people if you reply to this toot!)
• there's always interesting stuff on the local timeline
• search for # introductions, post your own
• interact with people, make friends!

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