Rode my bike for the first time to work today. Great experience, but it could be better. I need to get a bike rack to hold my stuff. Its no fun riding with a heavy backpack full of clothes, my lunch and my work laptop...

@mlabowicz I think I would honestly consider not working somewhere that didn’t provide lockers & changing facilities. The ability to take a weeks clothes is 🎉

@john I actually have access to a locker, so I could consider bringing more than one change. However that would mean driving to work first

@mlabowicz I find I’m able to take a weeks worth of clothes in once a week, and bring the dirty ones home that night. Brings it down to 1 day of rucksack a week.

Jumpers and trousers are worn for more than one day. Other items get changed daily.

I’m lucky not to have to take my laptop home every night. Though do have an eye on a Psion 5mx to do a little ferry computing, with real keyboard.

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