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The Librem 5 crowdfunding breaks the $1,000,000 mark. Plasma Mobile, here we come!


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@tijagi @kde given the need, it would be possible to make touch-friendly KDE apps, there already are some, and Plasma Mobile is already a thing, it just needs attention, so eventually it'll be good.

Bad thing is that it feels like KDE's in on backburner and they'll (purism) be mostly going with GNOME.
@dolus @tijagi @kde kde has same type of launcher too, and in KDE4 they had touch-friendly desktop layout...
@dolus @tijagi @kde yeah, i was about to say that, however you don't need titlebars on a phone, and having most actions on top of the app on a phone would suck a lot.

But again, in KDE you can boost titlebar size if you want to, but that'd just eat up space for no reason at all.

Even if you make a theme for GTK and QT that has enormous paddings, not many apps have layout that supports narrow windows...
@dolus @tijagi @kde only if you move titlebar to the bottom. Also, again, most apps are do not support narrow windowsize, so even if it had titlebar buttons, they'd be mostly hidden behind menu or something.

In my opinion, CSD buttons are not that different from classic toolbars.

There was a proposition for an alternative to CSD _and_ SSD - DWD - https://kver.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/presenting-dwd-a-candidate-for-kde-window-decorations/ it would work incredibly well for such cases.
@dolus @tijagi @kde i'm not sure what do you mean by "fall through", but KDE, and GNU/Linux DEs in general are VERY slow.

DWD is a very big feature, and it's not known if it's feasible with current technologies. It's currently "hey, we could probably do THIS" but no one volunteered to actually do it yet, especially with KDE being understaffed and more important tasks on horizon like wayland.

I always feel that it is unjust that GNOME gets all the attention and development and KDE's always lagging behind. KDE makes neato stuff, qt looks great everywhere (macos users stay quiet please, everything that isn't done in xcode you see as a shit), it even supports GTK styling, KDE has more customization to it and decent defaults. GNOME's been breaking stuff for everyone forever, GTK is just a toolkit for GNOME and they shape it how they want it, not caring about anybody else, customization is rather limited. It's just not fair.

I hope i'm wrong with that last paragraph.

yeah! that's what i'm talking about! #librem5
one here plz 👋