KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

@kde @PINE64 Yaaaaaay finally! This one is gonna be preoredered. Now...if only the Pinephone would have a slightly better main camera. Something with 12MP...

@or29544 @kde @PINE64 Yeah, if it had better camera than it really would be the mobile phone, too many Foss ROM's had bad camera app

@Dashtop @kde @PINE64 Yeah and I wouldn't even need a ridiculous camera - 12 MP would be enough. Otherwise the specs are fiiiine.

@kde @PINE64 Para más seguridad, y para que no te suceda lo de Apple, el PinePhone viene con una serie de Kill Switches que desactivan desde hardware el micrófono, las cámaras, el WiFi, etc..

@kde @PINE64 3of our laptop have #endeavoros with #kdeplasma as DE. Wow, this phone looks cool! Would it be able to sync with pc?

@kde How may I purchase PinePhone - KDE Community edition? It doesn't seem to be available at @PINE64 store 🤔

@gytis @kde

It's not on sale yet! It should be available December 1st, if all goes well.

@kde @PINE64 this looks so good. I think I might finally pick up a #pinephone, my wife keeps asking me what I want for Xmas.
I've been self hosting with #nextcloud for a while now, does anybody with the PinePhone have experience using Nextcloud on it?

I'm also wondering about this. Specifically caldav. Doesn't seem to be a thing in calendori but perhaps other apps? Something other than browser.
@PINE64 @kde

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