Got a great idea for a desktop wallpaper? Want to win a cool prize? Check out our KDE Plasma 5.16 wallpaper competition, bask in the admiration of hundreds of thousands of Plasma users, and win a Slimbook One computer.

@kde Or you could pay an artist money so they can make a living ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Gauge you could give this a try since you sometimes make wallpapers.

@RMW Nah, I'm not good enough for anything like this. I can barely do something simple.

@Gauge I actually think that a pretty broad amount of people like simple stuff. You could always get inspiration from it.

@RMW I guess. I might try to keep in touch with the competition to see what people submit.

@kde Slimbook ONE is a mini desktop PC, no? The "-book" in the name is already misleading, using the image of a notebook (that seems the one by Slimbook) could make people think that they could win a notebook by Slimbook...

@alexl "Slimbook" is the name of the company. We can't change that. The photo is jokey reference to "painting" a wallpaper. There is no misleading going on here.

@kde of course it's not intentional, but I checked the dictionary and "misleading" means exactly what I said: the combination of "SlimBOOK" and the image of what seems Slimbook's notebook could make someone think the Slimbook ONE mentioned by you is a notebook. So how can you say something is not misleading? Do you read the mind of everyone who see your toots? 😂

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