What does everyone think about web fonts vs system fonts?

Inspired by articles like "Web fonts: when you need them, when you don’t" (hackernoon.com/web-fonts-when-) I've tended to use system fonts on most of the pages I've built.

But lately I've been wondering if I should embrace web fonts—in part because my own #Arch install doesn't have many of the fonts in my system font stack

What do y'all tend to do?

@codesections I use web fonts *but* serve them from my site. (I am too OCD about how the fonts look on my site.)

Also I don't serve 100% of the web font character set; I **subset** all the fonts.

So while I load 10 different fonts, they are "only" about 130KB (small price to pay to make things look as I want) of my 191KB home page. But still as I have properly hand-crafted my site, it loads in under a second[1].

[1]: webpagetest.org/result/180807_


Very interesting! I think I'll stick with my ~4kb site[0], but it's nice to see another prospective.

(Also, comparing our sites, I sense a bit of a vim/emacs divide)

[0]: webpagetest.org/result/180807_


> I think I'll stick with my ~4kb site

Yes, that's why my "only" was double quoted in my earlier reply too :D

I might never reach that 4kb point, but I have few things to optimize that would shave off few milliseconds:

- Remove jQuery dependency (difficult: because I don't know JavaScript, but I like the dynamic TOC scrolling)
- Remove FontAwesome (easy: might replace the FA icons with svg or just text)



> .. I sense a bit of a vim/emacs divide

Heh, a "bit"? :).

Jokes aside, I respect folks who know how to use their lives editors, be it vim and emacs (I say so because I know folks who use vim, but always live in insert mode, and copy/paste using mouse and Gvim menu bar).

Your website is a great example of minimalism, while not throwing away all the goodies (good presentation, nice minimal CSS, etc.)

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