@ people who use #wordpress for #indieweb: how do y'all deal with post types in a reasonable way? i'm playing around in a sandbox wp install right now and i can't find a way around having to categorize every single post 3x:

-- indieweb post kind (for microformats)
-- wp post type (for internal sorting)
-- wp category (for permalinks)

is there an easier way to do this in one go?

@trwnh I think it is a matter of taste. None of your choices aside from indieweb kinds are going to matter to anyone else. So, maybe base them on that.

I'd use post kind, avoid post formats (standard, link, video, etc.), using posts post_type for temporal content, pages and custom post types for my fancy, and would avoid taxonomies in URLs, instead focusing on only providing collections of content, not other structure.

That's one opinion. ^_^

@maiki Hmmm... that seems irritating to my OCD to me to blatantly avoid WP post types :roundboi: but the bigger issue to me is permalinks, because if I'm going for a "personal repository" kind of site, I kind of don't like the /kind/{kind} links and would prefer /{kind} directly.

I could probably manually edit the Post Kinds plugin, but ehhh, I'm going for easy reproducibility and trying to make a guide for lay people, so simpler solutions would be better.

Maybe write a CMS 😆

@trwnh I'll reply to the other parts when I get a moment, but I wanted to comment re: "irritating my OCD"

I know, right?! I can't use MediaWiki because my name is all lower case and I can't stand to see my user account with a capital... I totally get ya. I like having *a lot* of control, so I use #goHugo. But then it is this whole thing for adding indieweb features.

@trwnh That said, @jalcine is working in the static site/indieweb space, so something to look for: jacky.wtf/faq/indieweb/

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