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Gonna do an experiment: today as I work, if I can't read a web page without allowing scripts, I am bouncing. I'll need to compromise if I find a particularly meaningful doc required to move forward, but for the most part I bet my life doesn't change much, except that I don't need to dance with strangers.

Kaushal Modi @kaushalmodi

@maiki Just tried disabled scripts on my site.. works well except that the fontawesome icons don't load as I use SVG+JS method for loading them, and the dynamic TOC of course requires JS.

Makes me think if I should get rid of FA altogether, hmm..

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@kaushalmodi From forkawesome.github.io/Fork-Awe:

> No JavaScript Required
> Fewer compatibility concerns because Fork Awesome doesn't require JavaScript.

I haven't tried it, but your reply reminded me of #ForkAwesome. ^_^