@ashfurrow Being that this instance has more folks using technology, is it possible to support basic Markdown formatting? Does Mastodon even allow that?

By basic, I mean **bold**, _italics_, [description][link-id] and code blocks indented by 4 spaces (backtick fenced code blocks would be even better).

[link-id]: example.com

@kaushalmodi @ashfurrow Speculation, but it probably wouldn't play well in the federation.

@neekz0r @ashfurrow

What does "not play well" mean? ah.. you mean how would other instances show that same markup? Markdown isn't too bad when seen in raw too :)

Copying @Gargron for feedback.

@kaushalmodi @ashfurrow @Gargron

Heh. I don't think you were around for the Great MS Comic Chat Migration To IRC.

MS Comic Chat would prefix every message with some hex (IIRC). The result being that MS Comic Chat users were typically banned from virtually every channel in IRC.

So, while it may seem like no biggie, people get oddly angry when their linguistic parsing gets interrupted by none-useful characters.


@neekz0r @ashfurrow @Gargron

So let's ignore the triple-backquote code fences. The main reason I brought this up is the lack of monospace for code blocks..

Even if 4-space-indented text is recognized as code blocks (monospace fonts).. just that.. bare minimum, then code snippet exchanges would look much better on Mastodon.

.. and that also wouldn't bother the folks on instances that doesn't render the indented text as monospace. WDYT?

@kaushalmodi @ashfurrow @Gargron

I'd love that.

insert code here
Not intrusive, and for the instances that support it, it'd be great.

@neekz0r @ashfurrow @Gargron

I certainly prefer the triple back-quote syntax. But if even those backticks are intrusive, making this work would be awesome:

indented code here

@neekz0r @ashfurrow @Gargron

Simply put, deals with this very well.. it doesn't support full Markdown, but supports indented code blocks, bolds and italics, that's it.

Example: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

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