@jlhertel Have you been spying on my coding lately?...
(But seriously I need a Python debugger or something like that, now that I think about it. Using print and inspect.stack() is nice but it could be better)

@jlhertel gdb is reliable enough i'll end up taking the offramp

@jlhertel when the language you use doesn't have a decent standalone debugger

@jlhertel This is why I don't code. I have too much compassion for those after me who would surely have to immediately debug/refactor it. 😱

@jlhertel Pleased to see that i'm not the only one doing this :).

@jlhertel I drove both reads for one challenging issue I was tasked a while ago.

@jlhertel I don't even know what I can use as a python debugger on linux.

I think that pycharm supports it but it's extremely heavy and slows down my whole PC.

@jlhertel if it's installing visual studio or using printf, i'm using printf :')

@jlhertel the very best programmers I’ve met all use printf(), even for multithreaded apps.

@jlhertel That's writing 10 printf statements? Because that's on my right... :P

On the picture the *right* way is writing 10 `printf` statements ;)


"The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed print statements."

- Brian Kernighan

Yep, I always feel cool because I can debug my OS using GDB, but some of the best best osdevers I know just stream tons of debug info to the serial port and carefully analyse its output

If you have a function whose affects can't be verbosely described in one print statement, it should be removed

@pounce @jlhertel I've often said that most of my life consists of reading text or figuring out why some text isn't the right text

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