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@bjoern recognizability is an important factor, but the blue Fx logo is too close to the original imho and could be thought of as the Fx-Betachannel (which used to be the blue globe without a fox).

In contrast, some suggestions in this discussion are still similar to both the Fx and the old Fennec logo, but not interchangably so. forum.f-droid.org/t/new-icon-f

@bjoern apparently the icon change is from upstream, not the F-Droid devs:
gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/i (at the bottom)

@JayVii_de but did they only changed the app-store icon but not the app -auncher icon? Because the app launcher still shows the old icon here... *confused*


@bjoern @JayVii_de not all architectures got build yet. (Only x86 which you probably can't install on your device)

@fdroidorg @bjoern @JayVii_de Hm... that's the "Firefox Developer Edition" logo, and it's trademarked. I wonder if Mozilla has changed its mind regarding third-party use of their logos, or they expect non-official builds to change it themselves.


@Bubu @fdroidorg @bjoern @JayVii_de I tracked down the change in their HG repo, which led me to this BZ.

So, apparently, the "Firefox Developer Edition" logo was explicitly used to replace the Fennec one for unofficial builds.

Not sure how binding is a BZ from a legal standpoint, but I think its use it's otherwise justified.


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