I like imagining a world where ActivityPub does not rely on DNS

@absturztaube admittedly I don't know much about GNS. I think GNS uses DNS.

I would prefer avoiding DNS altogether, which also has its challenges as the last 30 years or so has seen more money, labor, and effort generally put into DNS and DNS dependent technologies.

@cj i don't know gns well enough either, but i thought it didn't use dns.

but ye, me with you to avoid dns. to much pain
@cj @absturztaube no it doesnt, friend of mine did some work around gns
@cj @absturztaube it is completely detached from dns, i would love it if gns could act as a caching server for dns, so existing dns entries could be converted to gns. in the current state of gns it is hardly usable, unless you maintain your own entries and those of others

@Jain @absturztaube Thanks for the clarifications! Bummer about the "hard to use", but at the very least it sounds like I have some reading to do.

@cj I guess you could use .onion addresses

@ben That's where my head is currently at, though I don't know all the implications of such a choice.

@cwebber I appreciate the sincere answer and added it to my "to-read" pile but I also didn't intend for my playful joke to be so lame to not even get a chuckle. 😭

@cj it is a longstanding hobby of mine to respond to rhetorical jokes with useful information

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