In the works: a website that will periodically automatically pull the latest code from a repository and automatically generate godoc-like documentation for each tag as well as the "master" branch.

So far just got:
- Auto git pulling
- Turning all tags and master branch into the AST

I hope to also allow the site to have customized pages that are markdown-to-HTML gen'd.

This way, go-fed can finally have its own site w/ auto-updating docs but letting me occasionally throw in a custom page or two.


HTTPS server portion is now alive and is serving the auto-git-fetched documents.

Its able to handle any number of repositories, all tags + master branch in each repository, and each package inside each tag.

Next few days will be spent populating the webpages with the godoc data from the AST and adding basic styling. Yay for auto-generated !

Later, I will need to add ways to insert custom pages (for tutorials and the like).

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