<ardently wishes for software that you point at a folder-structure and it goes in and makes fingerprints of all the files and will tell you if there are duplicates anywhere -- and can also look for duplicates between that structure and other structures>


@woozle I don't know about tools which find duplicate structure, but for duplicate files you have a few options: rdfind[1], fdupes[2], and duff[3] are the ones I found in my quick search just then.

[1]: rdfind.pauldreik.se/
[2]: github.com/adrianlopezroche/fd
[3]: duff.dreda.org/

@carlozancanaro rdfind is in apt, so I'm installing that to see if I can use it. The others look like they'll require a bit more work to try out.

Thanks! ^.^

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