peeps -- how can I get the desktop resolution to "stick" at something other than 800x600 running under ?

It reverts on every reboot if I just set it in Settings. (F29 in VirtualBox 6 under macOS, saw same prob in VB 5.x)

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@AskChip heh :) I may give up on vbox and go back to booting Fedora from USB when I need Linux -- it runs ok natively on this model MacBook Pro except for the webcam, and with much faster graphics than under vbox. Just means I have to reboot, and disk i/o is slow. ;_;

@brion I started with Slackware a very long time ago. Then switched to Redhat, when it was still 'free'. Then went with Debian, from there to Ubuntu. Then Ubuntu started with that Unity desktop and I switched to Mint. Fedora I never tried because when the Redhat/Fedora split occurred I found the hoops I had to jump through just to download it were too much of a pain. But I like Mint a great deal.

@brion you could try installing the virtualbox guest tools – a Red Hatter has been getting stuff merged into the upstream kernel but it's possible that whatever does resolution adjustment is not there yet. FWIW adjusting resolution as you resize the vbox window works out of the box in Endless OS 🙂

@wjt yeah might be something that doesn't quite jibe right with the built-in guest tools. Might try uninstalling them and installing the version from Virtualbox 6, in case it's different. :)

Should probably give Endless a try too! :)

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