I probably wouldn't post this on #twitter but ironically learning about #godotengine is proving to be an effective antidote to depression. Having a fun new creative world to learn about is really engrossing and gives me something to think about between moments.

@triptych Awesome! I plan to start learning for the same reason. Finding an exercise system you like also helps. I love !


@triptych I got into QiGong because I began using acupuncture to treat chronic pain, but fell in love with the system. For depression I also recommend some of the Taoist meditation techniques such as Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. You might want to try acupuncture if you live in a big city and can afford it. I also find floating in a sensory deprivation tank very helpful. I forget if we already talked about that.

@austinseraphin it's so funny that you mentioned the deprivation tank, I was just about to mention that to you! I plan on trying that out soon as there are many near me.

@triptych Cool! Let me know what you think. As they'll probably tell you, it takes two or three times to fully get it. It might seem strange that you need to learn how to fully relax, but true.

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