prepping for a conference talk at the end of the month – this is probably the most forethought I've put into the design of my slides and I'm really digging the direction it's headed

@ashfurrow That sounds interesting. Will you be posting video/slides somewhere handy or registrants only?


@russsaidwords it looks like in some of the previous years, the conference has uploaded recordings, so hopefully they'll record this time too! In either case, I usually take my talks and turn the speaker notes into a blog post (example: ) so I'll get it out in one way or another πŸ‘

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@ashfurrow That's pretty much the bread and butter of what my company does - we record conference sessions for associations and make them available on the web. Lately we've been branching out into live streaming from conferences as well. We don't really cover non-association (think like associations of Lawyers or Accountants) conferences though, which is a pity if you ask me.

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