You'd never hire a carpenter to work on your house based on his experience with the various power tools or materials? You'd expect a professional to use the best suited ones for the job.

Then why is it that IT people are so focused on tools and languages?

@andrioid I agree.

I think part of this is a compatibility concern. Not that I agree, but I think most employers see programmers as interchangeable tools that can be swapped in and out as long as they belong to the same “standard”, expressed as languages, frameworks, etc.

Experienced programmers know that it’s the languages, tools, etc. that are interchangeable and that being a good programmer is a higher function than tooling .

@andrioid because we're in some sort of bizarro world where "C is old and busted, and all the cool kids use Rust... or is it Swift now?"

This profession also has a bad habit of forgetting anyone older than about 30, because experience is ephemeral, apparently

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