My coding journey.

1997-1999: Pascal, Delphi, TCL
1999-2006: PHP, Bash, Perl
2006-2012: C, C++, C#, JS, PHP
2012-2017: PHP, JS, Go
2017-2019: JS, Go, TypeScript
My coding journey: top 2 languages I used per "era":

1992-1998: QBasic & C++
1999-2003: VBA & GML [not coding as much]
2004-2009: PHP & JavaScript
2010-2014: Ruby & Objective-C
2015-2019: TypeScript & Elixir

What's yours? (List languages, …

@andrioid My coding journey look more like this:
2016-2017: Visual BASIC C++
2018: JavaScript, Bash
2019: JavaScript, Python, PHP

I haven't been programming for so long.

@andrioid I'm not sure about years, but in 2004 I learnt Python and then moved onto HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript. During those times I didn't have a good idea what I wanted to do with these skills, and I think I dabbled in a few other languages. But I did start getting into Software Freedom.

University mostly focused on Java, and during that time I found an interest in peer-to-peer technology and elementary OS. Following on I picked up Vala and Haskell myself.

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