more magic you have, more deeply you have to debug sometimes.

Getting back to my debugging process of (because solution did not fix the issue), I've found out that middleware serializer kryo did serialization of classes recursively, to make everything right. That's obvious solution and I would do it same way myself. And this would work in 99% cases. Except when it tried to serialize a deep LinkedTree.

That was the reason to fail. Be careful with recursive schemes, kids. JVM don't like 'em!

This is why I think it's important to have a deep understanding of the tools we use.

@Wolf480pl generally agreed, but not exactly. You have to know at least basics of how does this particular thing work. You don't need to know deep scecs of TCP to understand how does it work and how you can debug it.

@gudenau it’s a linked tree of huge depth. About thousands of layers :)

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