Why are there so many people 'for' hate speech?... Because this people blocks both hate and non-hate speech, so many people get angry at them.

@JPEG How’s one instance, that doesn’t even exist (yet), mind you, „major Fediverse instances“?

That’s already r/The_Donald-level mental gymnastics..

@moritzheiber They’ll always find ways to justify their actions.

@JPEG I rarely review apps, but jumped on and gave this app the 5 stars it deserves.

@JPEG Good reminder to give a review 🤣. Thanks!

@JPEG Sounds like a good reason to buy Mast to me!

@JPEG Did you actually respond with that? Part of me hopes you did, but I also understand if you’re worried about potential backlash.

@chartier I actually did, and I’ve got plenty of backlash already so rather keep going. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@thomasfuchs @chartier Exactly, not fussed about their opinion, but kinda fussed about 1-Star reviews still. 😢

@JPEG @chartier let me see if I can reach anyone at Apple, I know a few people.

@JPEG @chartier Can't promise anything obviously, but making this more public is a good start. Maybe try to talk to some tech journalists. This might be a good story for them.

@thomasfuchs @JPEG That’s a great call. Any tech journo (most likely on Twitter) who’s been vocally anti-Nazi/supremacist might be interested. Bonus points: more visibility for Mast and Mastodon.s

@chartier @thomasfuchs Very true, Twitter’s a great place to get in touch with journalists and tech writers. I’ll try see what I can do over the next few days.

@JPEG @chartier @thomasfuchs I just added a 5-star review to the AppStore as well in Canada

@thomasfuchs @chartier That’s a good shout, I’ll try reach out to a few via email. I’ll have to start creating a list of people’s emails.

nazi punching vs spread of good ideas 

nazi punching vs spread of good ideas 

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