Happy Chanukka, happy 2nd advent – and here comes a little present: I've just put the first article of my F-Droid series online. "F-Droid: The privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play Store" can be found at

Die deutsche Fassung verzögert sich noch ein wenig. Wer es nicht abwarten kann, kauft sich die c't 25, der ich (nach Vereinbarung mit Heise) ein paar Wochen Vorsprung geben muss 😉

@IzzyOnDroid Pretty good post! 👏👏👏
Could I translate it into Spanish? In my personal blog ( I often try to educate local people in privacy and ethical tech. This could be a good entry.
Proper credits and link to the source will be given, of course, plus a little introduction about your past & current work in the f-droidiverse.
The imprint page mentions some CC-BY-NC-SA license, but kindly asking is better, :)

@RoboePi Go ahead! And yes, I usually publish all my writings as CC-BY-NC-SA. But as you, I feel it a nice gesture to ask (did that with Heise as well, as they paid for the German article but the copyright/author's-right stays with me; always better information comes in first-hand 😉).

Spread the word :)

Once your article is online, please let me know and I'll link back to it from my English one. And @fdroidorg might be interested as well.

Thanks 👍

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Great! Thank you! 🤗

Yeah, of course! It will probably take me some time, busy weeks and stuff, but I'll ping you and the F-Droid team when finished, 📳

May the freedom be with you! 🆓📲, 🙋‍♂️

@IzzyOnDroid Hey! I've started the work to translate this. It's a joy, <3

While I'm at it, I've stumbled upon some minor typos of you, if you want to fix them! So far these are them:

unwanted indegrients => ingredients

Accoding to another study => According

Have a good day!

@RoboePi Thanks a lot, fixed! The series might get a 4th part in a while, written by Nico Alt (the one behind Repomaker). It will also be CC-BY licensed (not sure if including NC, but definitely including SA), so if you wish… 😃

@IzzyOnDroid Oh, @nicoalt! I know him from the @WeAreFairphone community, a greay guy, 🤗

I'm not sure if I'll make it to the 4th part in a relative short timeframe, though; you are quicker writing awesome posts than I could possibly translate in my scarce spare time, 😂

Anyway, I'll report any other typo or anything here. Keep the good work! Cheers, 🤩

@RoboePi Thank you for your kind words, although I don't know if you really talked about me as I've nothing to do with the FairPhone community ^^

Regarding my article: yes, I highly appreciate your work of translating them! As I'm capable of Spanish myself, I thought about publishing it myself in that language, too. However, I would still seek out for your help in form of corrections of my text.

@nicoalt OMG, how could I?! I made a mess with you nick, you're right, what a disaster, 😅. I was referring to NicoM, 🙈
Anyway! I'm sure you're a great guy too, working for F-Droid, 🤗

Of course, I'd love to help you bring content in Spanish! Don't hesitate to ask for anything, being it F-Droid-related or whatever, 😃

@RoboePi No hay problema :)

Muchas gracias otra vez por la oferta de ayudarme!

@RoboePi Take your time, nobody's driving you. I just wanted to keep you up-to-date 😃

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