"There is no longer such a thing as individually 'opting out' of our privacy-compromised world."

Think You’re Discreet Online? Think Again nyti.ms/2vfSAyT


allows companies to target the vulnerable.

"In 2017, the newspaper The Australian published an article, based on a leaked document from , revealing that the company had told advertisers that it could predict when younger users, including teenagers, were feeling “insecure,” “worthless” or otherwise in need of a “confidence boost.” Facebook was apparently able to draw these inferences by monitoring photos, posts and other social media data."

in the hands of good people can do good. But it can also be used for manipulation, coersion, and control.

"Computational inference can also be a tool of social control. The Chinese government, having gathered biometric data on its citizens, is trying to use big data and artificial intelligenceto single out “threats” to Communist rule, including the country’s Uighurs, a mostly Muslim ethnic group."

"Last year, an investigation led by Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, revealed that , , and were selling people’s real-time location data. An investigative report... also showed that weather apps including the Weather Channel, and WeatherBug were selling their users’ location data. This kind of data isn’t useful just for tracking you but also for inferring things about you. ... Why were you leaving the house of a woman who is not your wife at 5 a.m.?"

@Argus "Why is the trunk of your car, bleeding... whats with the shovels and hacksaws in the back seat? Why were you driving out into the forest?" Those are the questions that nobody wants to ask, but god, I sometimes dearly want to stare deep into their eyes as they ask it.

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