Sigh, still can't delete a mastodon account. :|

Suh dudes and dudettes. Happy Monday! Hope you're enjoying the grind.

I'm so sick of the political discourse on twitter.

The new twatter design looks so much like and as an user I'm a little offended... @twitter

Find your way, do you. See how it feels and prosper my friends.

So I'm testing Rapid7's and putting it up against . I'll probably do a blog write up when I'm done. So far scan times are incredibly fast on AppSpider.

So I have to say that has some slick products out now. Gonna test their appspider against and see which one is best for pen testing. 🤓

I wish I could apply the 3-2-1 backup policy in my personal life. People suck and being able to revert back would be swell.

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