I have been looking at my screentime usage and trying to use some apps less based on that (mastodon and reddit in particular). But now I am making it official. For the next week, I am going to remove mastodon and reddit from my phone and sign out on my computer. After a week I will re-evaluate and see how it was.

I am interested to see how this goes!

@Alrescha yeah, signing into my mac using the apple watch is awesome!

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@Gargron Do you know if there are plans, or has been any progress towards allowing us to keep our followers when switching instances?

@shadowfacts Also, coming from heavily using lldb and breakpoints in Xcode, the debugger in android studios feels almost non-existent.

@shadowfacts I haven't used most JetBrains IDEs but I feel like Android Studios is constantly behaving strangely or crashing. And many of the features feel like they are half-baked / abandoned.

Xcode has problems but, it is SOOO much nicer than android studios.

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We're going to start running vote.org banner ads on the free version of Twitterrific. Cuz people should vote.

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Just switched from the 44mm to the 40mm Apple Watch. So far so good.

I have been using @JPEG's beta mastodon client for a few hours and its REALLY nice. Super beautiful app with some great features and a lot of functionality.

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If you’d like to help beta test my new Mastodon app, you can get it here: testflight.apple.com/join/xsVf

I’d love to know your thoughts on it and any feedback you may have. 🤗

@mookie yeah so far it seems pretty great. Looking forward to using it.

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Teen who hacked Apple's servers receives probation as '1TB of sensitive info' is recovered by @ChanceHMiller

Today I learned that tuna struggle so hard against being captured that they can become so warm they literally cook themselves.

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Today’s 🚿 💡:
What if Apple published a list of the most searched for keywords that didn’t result in app sales? It would be a great way to help out all of those people they are teaching to code, and help them satisfy more customers too.

I have raised my watch to my face and asked siri what time it is a few too many times 😄

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