Xcode has problems but, it is SOOO much nicer than android studios.

@zoecarver I don’t know about Android Studio, but every JetBrains IDE I’ve ever tried as been much more solid than Xcode

@shadowfacts I haven't used most JetBrains IDEs but I feel like Android Studios is constantly behaving strangely or crashing. And many of the features feel like they are half-baked / abandoned.

@shadowfacts Also, coming from heavily using lldb and breakpoints in Xcode, the debugger in android studios feels almost non-existent.

@zoecarver @shadowfacts I have the exact opposite impression. Xcode is buggy and unintuitive, IDEA-based IDEs (including AS) are *incredibly* powerful and solid. Yes, the debugger supports conditional breakpoints, skip this many times and then stop breakpoints, don't stop but log something to console breakpoints, field change breakpoints and so on.

One actual downside of IDEA compared to Xcode is how IDEA is a Swing monster while Xcode is proper native Cocoa.

@zoecarver @shadowfacts to clarify on debugger, of course there aren't just breakpoints, it's got *a lot* of powerful features, like finding and visualizing all references to an object, debug label ("mark object") and displaying values directly near the source code. The best debugging experience I've ever seen in any IDE or environment, hands down.

@zoecarver @shadowfacts this seems to be an okay, if old, demo of some of the features IDEA has: But it's not even the features themselves, it's just how advanced it is in every aspect. Want to write SQL, make HTTP requests, do complex Git magic, debug multi-threaded & async code, perform advanced refactoring across different languages? IDEA's got you covered. It's like they've thought of everything.

(Xcode has some of those too, sure)

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