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Basicallly, solving problems with quantum computers is not like algorithm going step by step, but more akin to throwing a bunch of beans and picking the tile where most of them landed, right?

So, which dock and 4k monitor for a m1 mac? Need an upgrade in the family.

I feel like is pushing ever more into the enterprise instead of . They're really active there. I guess that's their core business - software stuffs for enterprise, is just the new Windows.
On one hand, I think has squandered their chance to push in and get a foothold with . But on the other hand, it's not their core, it's a byproduct. They have other things that are always in focus.

If anybody's looking for an affordable, relaxed, no frills conf that's looking deep into internals, I have to give a shout to ( I've been on the first two, and it's mostly a relaxed place, everybody is hanging around close together (speakers and audience) the whole time. And the talks are quite deep and technical. This year they're online, and cheaper then usual at just 50 Euros.
I'm not part of their team, I just sincerely love the good vibes there.

I think I lost my camera. I'm quite sad about it, I miss it. I just uploaded some phone photos to pixelfed from a recent visit to the old place, but I'm not not happy.

I wonder if the historians of the 29th century will ask themselves why did all of a sudden a lot of meetings started taking 40 minutes instead of 60. ( )

Well, how about that marketing, ads and SEO. Why does a bicycle chain need to be "adult" or "unisex"?

Major f-up 

Major . I had a talk scheduled at Foss north, and I entered the time slot one hour later than it actually was. Things being online, I wasn't checking in until 10 minutes before my slot - only to realise I'm now a no-show.

I feel bad to let the organiser down, and I feel bad because I actually wanted to give that talk.

Hi @stephaniewalter, do you happen to know of any design or component library with elements suitable for children?

I just had a thought/idea about trying to build some basic websites with my 6-year-old kids, and I wonder if there are any ready designs for things like big shiny kid-friendly buttons and cards and stuff that we could use. Even if it's just PSDs, I'm willing to put the work to turn it into CSS and whatnot, and then build websites with my boys (and have the entire thing open-source, of course).


I fucking hate people who "make frontend better". They take a nice that hides half the complexity and gives you a tool to build a robust modular app with codes and shit. And they go and unwrap it all and use base language features, completely ignoring whatever the is giving you, and build a "nice little mvp pattern that you can understand". I fucking can't, you stupid, it's all needlesly complicated! If you didn't want , why'd you start with it in the first place!!!

So my wife needs a simple page to sell her e-book, integration via stripe is the simplest for me right now. How to handle a sale: send all the formats via e-mail upon payment or offer direct download?

Mmm. Tempted, I just got a beta invite to get teh JingaPad A1. I'm very, _very_ close to actually getting it. I did not own a tablet before, and I am positive I would find it useful. I had a super light and small and usefull chromebook - one of the early 11" versions or so. I had for a few months a Lenovo tablet, but didn't like it.

But this guy looks great - bigger then my phone but way simpler to use then my laptop for couch reading. And when needed, it's a linux, so I could do more thins on it.


how to move tooth paste from a cpu

Current status: motherboard is in, need to fasten the radiator :/

My PSU died so I bought a new one, but also a new PC case. Now I have a huuuuuge case, Corsair obsidian 800D with like 7 expansion slots and place for a million drives. Now it seems like I'll also have to get a new MoBO/CPU/RAM combo as well, as this stuff is so stupidly big, I feel dumb to cram my ancient i7-4790k in it.

But the new stuff (that I want) also costs too much so...

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