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i haver coax-cable sockets (from the sitelite dish or maybe cable or something) in every room. can this be used for home net? I want wired network but i'd like to avoid drilling walls and pushing cables around the house.

is wpa3 worth it? or is it still riddled with problems?

trolling antipandemic measaures 

The protective measures against the pandemic spread are getting _sloowly_ pulled back, e.g. now the hairdressers and hardware stores can reopen. So the hairdressers are overbooked and have raised the prices and are booked months ahead. On the other hand, the hardware stores now have it all - pensioners with nothing on their hands to do, kids skipping classes in school, and I'm pretty sure those two back in the plants section were on a date.

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mastodon question 

How come i have 3 follow requests? Most people just directly follow me but I also have follow reqs? Are they being polite or are they like from banned instances or something?

parenting stuff 

My 6-year-olds keep wanting us to print them more of the stuff (pics of lego stuff, paint things etc). I started charging them 10 cents per page, talks about saving trees didn't work out.
Looking forward to emptying out their save boxes and giving them lessons in budget management :)

Hello from my new laptop, a Pulse 15 by @tuxedocomputers@ that arrived today

What is this thing that I'm seeing lately with "Legitimate interests"? It's come up to the popups in the last weeks I think, I don't recall seeing such stuff before.

Yesterday I had a thing where I set all cookies to off manually, and then saw a tab called "Legitimate interests", opened it and found a bunch more of cookies to opt out off.

Is that some new hack of the laws?

European commission should have made not anything except explicit opt-in mandatory.

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Hey @tuxedocomputers, is the Pulse 15 currently shipping or is there still a CPU waiting line?

Let's see how long it takes @tuxedocomputers to assemble a Pulse 15 for me. Finally decided it's time, and supporting a -focused company is an added bonus to good looking hardware.

hey people, my wife wants to publish a book she wrote, but the conversion from docx to mobi (I know, both formats are probably hated around here) don't succeed with some things like inline images and 2-column split within a framed section.

What is generally a good software if my target is .mobi and also, specifically do I or you know some experts willing to do this conversion thing as a service (paid of course)?

Note to self:
Multiple Single page apps that need special redirect: try_files for each location block. Don't forget again, stupid idiot!

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There's a lot of UX tools and methods you might not be aware of that could help you solve your current problem: here's a list of websites to help you find tools and activities based on different criteria

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Did a big release of emoji-picker-element today. Not super excited about it since it was kinda forced on me by a breaking change in a dependency, but I'm glad it's done.

TIL from my wife's article that Welsh people are slower in maths because their brain needs to remember the long words and so loses some capacity to do the actual math problem:

zomg I have to push really hard not to want to upgrade (not that I have the money, but still):

Lucky @brion!

OTOH, my i7-4790k is still chugging at 4.4 GHz, with 32GB of DDR3 RAM and SSDs all around, so no real reason nor benefit for the upgrade. (except maybe to reduce power costs. but then I'd have to go buy a laptop.)

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