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I will never understand why loading screens are so boring.

So RIAA wants to kill youtube-dl. What’s next? “You use the computer, therefore you’re stealing our content? Even though it’s not our content at all we want you to stop and shut down your computer immediately”.

What the fuck?

Nokia banned sales of Lenovo laptops in Germany. Fucking patents are the worst thing ever, the way they weork now.

Oh, nice, someone just gave me 500 bounty on an anchient answer :)
It is one of my better-performing ones, with currently 62 upvotes.

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@alexbuzzbee what haveyou been driving before when these things surprise you?

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👉 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- tools to find and name colors
- AI experiment
- SVG patterns
- CSS variables, full bleed layout & media-queries
- a virtual drum machine
- a place to find UX volunteer work
- some hotpink inspiration

Oh, and this party trick:

"A cute way to get killed by the OOM killer while appearing to consume very little memory (great for parties)"

Linux from scratch:

"Essentially you fetch a bunch of source archives off the internet, run tar, configure, make, make test, make install a bunch of times with some system setup in between, before compiling your kernel, putting it into place in /boot and getting grub installed and configured."

It seems to me like people are having false hopes about recovery. We're expected to be under various corona restrictions for a year more at least, with ups and downs.

And the economy will be lousy for two years or more. It's not all bad for a lot, just don't think everything's gonna be back in like a year or two.

So we will get better, but not immediately, and not back to where we were, not anytime soon at least. So let's be content with what we do have right now.

Keep your head down and optimism up.

Orbital Edge Computing: nanosatellite constellations as a new class of computer system :

Interesting concepts. Upcoming tech. What's not to like?

Hey Fedi,
What's a simple software to set up? For a low-frequency, small group, max 50 participants (parents in my kid's class)?

I mean, compared to the old-school simple and direct C, just modernised a lot. How can I make some time to try and learn more and write something meaningful with it?

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