I totally forgot about js13k this year!. Anyway they surprise us with Quake :)


Uhm. Considering I internet-grew-up in the nineties, this is an unfortunate title cutoff

My wife and I are in the home office, and the boys just came and CLOSED the door to the office. Usually they're opening them and asking questions. I think something "interesting" is cooking.

@kensanata yes it is non-profit, and also a horrible, horrible institution. But well, in contrast to your coop, their employees are "compensated" quite nicely I'd say.

@Archimage never thought about it, but very interesting. But it does make sense that there are more focused groups. You know by any chance which society is it?

@nolan Yep, for very high performance things you really have to be in this for a long time to know tidbits like that, no way "noobs" with 3-4 years of experience could find any of it on their own.

@mpmilestogo I got a Fuji camera recently and those "film simulation" things are freakin awesome!

I do work with digikam and darktable, though, don't know about raw power.

I've been following this absolutely hillarious "chess" game on reddit for two weeks now. The guy has a chess board, and every day, they play the top-upvoted comment, "legal or not". Highly recommend this if you're into chess (or reddit humor).


Oh shoot, I missed the shitstorm/drama. What fun things are going on around it?

@hkz oh well I should go back too highschool with vacoom tubes and hand-wound transformators and those ancient rooms where the phone relays for the Croatian railroads were held :)

@nolan thanks for that term, tech-veganism. Really good analogy. I now have some terminology for when I discuss with my wife why we should try to get more things locally and not via Amazon.

@zlatko I boosted my own pixelfed post because the dude making these creatures is ducking amazing. And with stories about his "Corporate Cannibal" behind his imagined creatures, I think a lot of fedi would like how attitude toward capitalism.


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Amazing fantastic creatures by Zoran Tadić od fantazam.com. Each of these has a story and incredible attention to details and everything is made from natural materials like bone and agave leaves.
#fantasy #fantastic #creatures #islandHvar

@kensanata old-school single bookmarks.html file on your desktop can do a lot. and for one-off links, things like pocket (before it got bad)

@Cj @IzzyOnDroid Too bad all the EU can do about it is some fine after the fact. Maybe offer the "pick your store" screen like they made Microsoft do. But the damage is done and irreversible.

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Die jährliche Überarbeitung meiner App-Listen ist auch ein mehrwöchiger Ganztags-Job. Nach ca. 3 Wochen bin ich jetzt ungefähr in der Mitte angekommen ("Lese-Ecke" fertig): veraltete/tote Links raus, frische rein wenn auffindbar, Lücken füllen, neue Referenzen für ⭐ Apps aktiv suchen… Soll ja für Euch nützlich bleiben:


Besser als "Alternatives-To", da auch Kriterien wie Trackerzahl, Bewertungen & mehr einfließen. Oder was meint Ihr?

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