Ehm. current status, reading about importing types in 3.8 beta. A bit confusing. Good thing I've caught it though, when 3.8 really goes out and I reread it, it won't be ottally new and confusing.

Did you know that .io domain for your fancy new tool takes a 100ms to resolve on average? And .biz rocks with 19ms?

If you're into HTTP, TCP, UDP, read about QUIC and HTTP/3.
TL;DR: QUIC is a user-space protocol built on top of UDP. UDP-base: removes some TCP pain points - but brings the benefits. Userland = much faster iterations of the protocol itself.

Wow, I've just learned that there's incoming "srcset" for <script> tag as well, so you can tailor your modules and deliver less code to browsers who don't need to!

Did you know the will actually be an int, not double (like regular numbers), and 5 / 2 will equal 2 (rounded down, no decimals)?

I'm reading about Stage 3 proposals (things almost in JS Standard, with just a bit of work left) there:

Minko Gechev explains how to have an O(1) differ for Angular's NgForOf directive.

I love those non-obvious ideas - take the differ out of the differ and into the collection being diffed itself.

So happy right now, I got to use the "jQuery is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural" meme in rejecting a pull request :)

Didn't know first page load on an iPhone qualifies as "ad blocker".
Also, with that and "join newsletter" pop-up that came _on top_ of all of this, I don't know how they get to be the top result.

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