provides a lot of built-in tools. Once it matures, it could become a serious complement to - or even a replacement for .
An article showing how to use built-in linting, testing etc tools:

One nice news in open source tech this week is that 13 is released with full ICU. If you had to deal with it, you'll know to appreciate this release.

This looks like a viable alternative to , once it gets fleshed out a bit and tested: a -based Node GUI

Hmm, apart from being somewhat tied to AWS, this is how I like to write most of my and code:

Very good article on Node.js by one Ewan Valentine.

Rant on serverless deniers :) 

Oh c'mon people what's the big deal? Serverless is just containerized on a different granularity!

nodejs curiosity 

Whoa! How do you even _isolate_ that a bug is occuring after 25 days?
TL:DR; A bug has setTimeout stop working after 25 days, which is how many milliseconds fits into a signed 32 bit integer

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