Let's see how long it takes @tuxedocomputers to assemble a Pulse 15 for me. Finally decided it's time, and supporting a -focused company is an added bonus to good looking hardware.

Oh, and this party trick:

"A cute way to get killed by the OOM killer while appearing to consume very little memory (great for parties)"


Linux from scratch:

"Essentially you fetch a bunch of source archives off the internet, run tar, configure, make, make test, make install a bunch of times with some system setup in between, before compiling your kernel, putting it into place in /boot and getting grub installed and configured."


link to my twitter thread on picking linux for noobs 

I accidentally created a little thread over at by replying to someone:


The event loop is soy awesome they're bringing the concept to the kernel!

...seriously though, great read on linux io internals. The author doesn't even try to sell his database much.


Hmm. Nice morning. Learned how to setup a systemd service (finally). Learned how to do it as a user service. Learned how to setup an npm thing as a user systemd service. Locked myself out of firewall. Unlocked myself out of firewall. Good old nostalgia satisfied.

"While there are definitely some people out there able to configure iptables reliably, the average mortal will cringe when glancing at the syntax of the most basic rules. " - I'm happy to be "some people" in this case :)

rant on updating my Fedora 

Just caught myself being irritated at `dnf update` taking longer then a few seconds, where it had to download, unpack, verify and install something like 400 MB of software in like 100 packages.
We have both progressed (in how much I expect from the OS) and regressed (in how much stuff it needs to stay up to date), it seems.

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