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WHOA! MIND BLOWN! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! I never knew this simple little trick: "Javascript automatically creates variables for each HTML elements with an id."

Didn't know about relative time format API proposal for . Just found out about it "two minutes ago". Now looking for use cases for this, and for dropping moment.js :)

Oh frack, now I have about 33 x 6 links about to read! Luckily I think I've already seen at least half of those.

What do boxing and trampolines have in common? Well, , of course! But
writes that we're getting rid of trampolines:

very interesting overview of how SpiderMonkey deals with wasm and JavaScript

Cool article on composing stuff masquerading as a cool article on Array.filter function in

Hmm. A good example of how webassembly can have decent looking use cases:

Any other interesting examples out there?

Actually a pretty useful to-do list when working with , unlike the title says:
Needs a few more things to be a good minimal to-do for js though.

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