I totally forgot about js13k this year!. Anyway they surprise us with Quake :)


If anybody's looking for an affordable, relaxed, no frills conf that's looking deep into internals, I have to give a shout to (worker.sh/). I've been on the first two, and it's mostly a relaxed place, everybody is hanging around close together (speakers and audience) the whole time. And the talks are quite deep and technical. This year they're online, and cheaper then usual at just 50 Euros.
I'm not part of their team, I just sincerely love the good vibes there.

Oh crap, I submited a talk proposal where I said I'll toot with from a app to mastodon to and they accepted it.
Now I have to go and actually prepare that talk. Suits me right for submiting talks around ( >︹<)

(The cringe emoticon is just for funsies, I'm looking forward to doing this talk!)

The event loop is soy awesome they're bringing the concept to the kernel!

...seriously though, great read on linux io internals. The author doesn't even try to sell his database much.


Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications blog.acolyer.org/2020/01/27/re

A tool that can record your js, then let you find a bug and fix it and _test it_ locally on those logs as they replay before you ship out the change.

Finally some at blog.

Ehm. current status, reading about importing types in 3.8 beta. A bit confusing. Good thing I've caught it though, when 3.8 really goes out and I reread it, it won't be ottally new and confusing.


This looks like a viable alternative to , once it gets fleshed out a bit and tested: a -based Node GUI


Hmm, apart from being somewhat tied to AWS, this is how I like to write most of my and code:

Very good article on Node.js by one Ewan Valentine.

Don't call functions from your templates. But if you have to, you'll be able to do it a arrows:

Hmm. I don't think I've seen the MutatingObserver in the wild.
Just read the overview of it. I wonder if libs like rxjs use some of this under the hood. smashingmagazine.com/2019/04/m

Wow, I've just learned that there's incoming "srcset" for <script> tag as well, so you can tailor your modules and deliver less code to browsers who don't need to!

Dunno if y'all like it from over at the bird site, but I always loved live toots from conferences.
I'm at in Munich, a conference, gonna be spamming y'all. Will put CWs so it's not too bad ;)

Did you know the will actually be an int, not double (like regular numbers), and 5 / 2 will equal 2 (rounded down, no decimals)?

I'm reading about Stage 3 proposals (things almost in JS Standard, with just a bit of work left) there:

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