Note to self:
Multiple Single page apps that need special redirect: try_files for each location block. Don't forget again, stupid idiot!

TL;DR that I took from this: if you contribute to a wildly used project, you must be careful not to break thousands of existing apps.

A story of a guy who talked his company into contributing to CDK Overlay:

Hey is IntelliJ Idea like the ultimate JetBrains ? I mean, I can do my , , Spring, but I can also get stuff? Or should I have PyCharms for the python part?

I am now playing with a monorepo project with Python and Angular, so dunno if I should install PyCharms and use webstorm/pycharms individually.

Don't call functions from your templates. But if you have to, you'll be able to do it a arrows:

There is some boilerplate with , I know, but what I really like is it's dependency injection. And now I can try it out on my node backends:

Minko Gechev explains how to have an O(1) differ for Angular's NgForOf directive.

I love those non-obvious ideas - take the differ out of the differ and into the collection being diffed itself.

Quick tip: do not do method calls to assign property values in templates. E.g. `<input [disabled]="isDisabled()">` if at all possible. Mostly it's enough to just assign a property on the class instance and hook into that. Those method calls are pure performance killers.

boring braging #angular meetup retro 

I ran a really good Meetup yesterday, three speakers from outa town, much of the audience saying they enjoyed it.

I've just announced the next (State Management Part I, End to end Testing) (link:…

Come hear one of the interesting talks on RxJS and State Management by
- he's coming over all the way from Vienna to show us tricks.
And while there, you can also stick around for another talk on End-to-end Testing Angular by yours trully ;)

Boring angular stuff 

lazily loaded http interceptors in are never registered. You'd have to reimport HttpClientModule and all interceptors registered earlier in the dependency loading chain. A bit funky.

Hi people! I am looking for an open source Angular app with . I mean a full featured app, not small to-do tutorials or contrived examples.
While on the topic, anything out there with good feature modules usage? I want to point to these topics and have examples in real world usage, for a meetup talk I'm preparing.

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