Uhm. Considering I internet-grew-up in the nineties, this is an unfortunate title cutoff


Oh man I wish I was me right now, ice cold beer and hot night by the sea... Oh wait, I am me :)

Current status: motherboard is in, need to fasten the radiator :/

alcohol, #scotch 

My first ever Scotch tasting (outside of home-experimentation).

First on my list was Classic Laddie. I have to say, I usually prefer cask-strength sherry bombs. This whisky isn't exactly that, but I think it goes to my favorites list.

pic of alcohol 

If I say I deserved it, I deserved it!

My has arrived! Let the convergence games begin!

For those interested, DHL charged me about 40€ - I think customs or clearance or something.

pic of alcohol, lousy joke about hoarding 

Luckily I was hoarding before the panic-buyout so am nicely stocked

Me: "opened today".

Feels lucky to have someone so tolerant and understanding.

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