Mastonoob musing:

Is anything to stop anyone from stealing my profile pic and banner to create illicit instance accounts under my handle then impersonate me? If not, then the need for PGP-style signature/account-trail verification becomes CRITICALLY URGENT for Mastodon’s long-term viability, IMO.

@philodygmn You can verify your account with keybase, and you can also have a verified link to a domain in your profile. Personally I don't see the point — there is nothing stopping my neighbor from telling everyone they are me, and yet somehow they don't do it.


@deshipu @philodygmn I never looked at it, can I link back to multiple fedi services?

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@zladuric @philodygmn I never looked into it myself, so I really don't know, I just saw it on some profiles out there, and I saw those annoying keybase toots.

@zladuric Apparently it's as simple as putting a link back to the profile with rel="me" on it on the page to which you are linking:

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