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I never thought I'd be tooting for photo equipment but I've just read not one but two lens announcements for my Fuji camera. The TTartisans 40mm macro and a Tamron 18-300mm superzoom. Getting serious GAS syndrome effects :)

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@zladuric I have a 18-200 lens from Tamron, not good for moving pictures but great for the stuff I want. Could not see any prices yet. Do you have an indication of what they might cost?

@hans_w the article says e $699/£679.99. for 18-300. The TTartisans macro is likely something like 200?

@hans_w btw I do have 18-55 and 55-200 xf lenses, but the 18-300 still sounds fun :)

@zladuric I will put this on my list to take a closer look. Might be fun to have the macro on indeed
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