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My first ever Scotch tasting (outside of home-experimentation).

First on my list was Classic Laddie. I have to say, I usually prefer cask-strength sherry bombs. This whisky isn't exactly that, but I think it goes to my favorites list.

alcohol, #scotch 

@zladuric i work on whiskey row in louisville ky. let me know if you make it out this way.

alcohol, #scotch 

@Jason_Dodd sounds good. Probably not in the next few years, never been to US at all, but I would like to come and perhaps Kentucky specifically should come to my list of places to visit.

Which whiskey are you making?


alcohol, #scotch 

@Jason_Dodd By the way, what's it like to work in this industry? You get home drunk often or do th bosses count every bottle :) ?

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alcohol, #scotch 

@zladuric Oh. I might have misrepresented myself. I don't actually drink much. I might have 1 or 2 beers a year and I normally drink a bottle of off brand Baily's a year.

But I do work on Whiskey row.

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