@0xDEADCAT well, that's what I have available. Why not though?

@zladuric Given that they are both Chinese brands the amount of spying on their phones is something that I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with.

@0xDEADCAT is it more then the usual amount of spying on the phones? You have any links or something, what are they doing and how can I protect myself a bit more?

@zladuric I had a Xiaomi phone in the past and the phones are cheap because any app provided with the system has an advertisement somewhere, even the system settings! And on popular dates in China, like 11.11 which is a huge shopping holiday, I would get a push notification in Chinese about it from some app I didn't even know I had installed. I guess Huawei would be similar in this regard, even worse is the fact that since they're banned from doing business with Google, they have their own app store.

@0xDEADCAT well, that seems just about the regular amount of spying. Especially when you buy a phone from a carrier. When I buy phones from telecom, I always get facebook installed, and *I can't remove it!*. Personally I think facebook's misbehavior is far more influential on my life then some chinese advertiser, e.g. look at the US elections and how it changed the world - facebook had a direct hand in it.

But back on topic: do you know of any tools to block such china-specific spying apps?

@zladuric I unfortunately don't know of any tools/apps you could install on the device itself, but you can setup a Raspberry Pi with Pihole for your home Wi-Fi and it should reduce the amount of data that gets sent to these companies, but once you're outside the home and using carrier data, I haven't got a clue :/ You could also try some kind of custom ROM, but I never tried that myself and it can be potentially risky (you could brick your device).

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