i haver coax-cable sockets (from the sitelite dish or maybe cable or something) in every room. can this be used for home net? I want wired network but i'd like to avoid drilling walls and pushing cables around the house.

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@m_eiman nah, i really want wired connections. I think it'll come down to drilling holes in the walls and pushing cables through.

@zladuric It IS wired, it's just that the access point thinks it's wireless. But it's probably a better idea to just replace the coax with CAT6

@m_eiman yeah I'll have to deal with it sometimes. For now, I suggested drilling a few walls and my wife's like no you won't! So I'll "endure" wireless for the time being.

@Zlatko If I remember correctly arp net has about 25% of the speed compared to old utp . I actually did use it in the late 90's :-)
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