Hey Fedi,
What's a simple software to set up? For a low-frequency, small group, max 50 participants (parents in my kid's class)?

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@zladuric I'm afraid mailing list is many things, but simple is not one of them. I've heard good things on phplists and mailtrain though. I myself administer a basic sympa + postfix solution.

@zladuric perhaps?

You'll have to check the terms yourself to see whether its right for you and the parents. There may be one called #mailman if memory serves.

Dot com, rather.

But you said software not service so feel free to ignore. If you are stuck we can dig a bit more for you. Someone might have posted something useful that we can see.

@dsfgs thanks. Apparently they're thinking of actually doing that at the school level so iwon't have to bother. But if it doesn't workout, I'll take a second look at all your links.

Thanks again for suggestions.

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