@trickster not really, I didn't do much editing. Just trying to see if _any_ of the two pics are worth anything.

@zladuric the left one feels less cluttered with unneeded details tbh. So left it is

@alexcleac if we were chosing which one I liked worse, I would also say the left :)
thanks for the feedback.

@zladuric right. Because the glowing clock seems nicer mimicking the moon 🌝

@zladuric I downloaded the one on the right and named it after your login, not knowing where it is.
It turns out that answering *why* I like one foto over another is quite a bit more difficult than simply stating the preference itself.

@gemlog oh, that's a very interesting perspective. FWIW it's Ostbahnhof in Munich.

@zladuric Well. I thought it has lots of vertical lines. More than horizontal for sure.
I didn't like the overhead wires in the left one, so the right was tighter.
Personal thing is I love a teal kind of colour for some reason. That's just random and subjective, peculiar only to me and says nothing about the foto.
Finally, and I think most important, is the 'mood' set by the lighting.
Cozy glow from some offices. Sunset sky. Bright clock.
Sorry. All I can say as a non-artist.

@gemlog thanks for the feedback.

*takes note: "less wires in photos"* :)

@zladuric I'm not very good with a camera, but sometimes I erase wires in the gimp. It's not a big deal really. Just me.

@gemlog cool. How come you chose Munich? You need the least latency to Theresienwiese or? :)

@zladuric No. I am in western canada and not a gamer. It was only € that made the decision for contabo over hetzner. I think it's a better deal.
I am only in munich now, but I was also in nuremberg. It was nice to rsync the servers together for backup and off-site.
Now I only have toys, so I rsync to myself at home.

@gemlog now you made me look up. First I thought "4€ for a VPS? too expensive, hetzner has a 3€ version". But now I looked at the actual specs. I might need to move to my own neighbourhood :)

Btw, how'd you end up on EU servers from western canada in the first place, if I'm not asking too much?

@zladuric I used to have a couple of boxes in my office years ago, but I couldn't get enough bw for my needs eventually.
I rented a rack in Austin, which was $240/mo CAD. With a decent connection you really don't much care where the other end of ssh session is.
It was a Canadian company's data centre, but they sold to Hostway and nearly overnight things went downhill. That combined with the fact that my needs had changed dramatically made me shop around. A vps was enough. Contabo was the best €!

@gemlog On the one hand, I find it strange that this stuff is cheaper in EU. And it's not used as much. Both scaleway and hetzner have better pricing than digitalocean. But everybody making a site, even if it is in EU only, is going for DO. Dunno why though. Anyway, I now have a contabo account.

@zladuric I tried DO once a couple of years ago for $5USD/mo while I was already with contabo. I didn't think it was worth it. They do have great howtos that I run into from time to time though.
I also tried arubacloud.com, which had a promo for €1/mo, perhaps they were swamped with people like me just playing around to see what you'd get for the price: I got what I paid for - it was very slow.
The USA is about the /last/ place I'd want to have a server these days.

@gemlog that last point is worth pointing out over and over. I used to play with lowendbox.com stuff, most of the free/cheap providers were like that, slow and/or unreliable.

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