I totally forgot about js13k this year!. Anyway they surprise us with Quake :)


Uhm. Considering I internet-grew-up in the nineties, this is an unfortunate title cutoff

My wife and I are in the home office, and the boys just came and CLOSED the door to the office. Usually they're opening them and asking questions. I think something "interesting" is cooking.

I've been following this absolutely hillarious "chess" game on reddit for two weeks now. The guy has a chess board, and every day, they play the top-upvoted comment, "legal or not". Highly recommend this if you're into chess (or reddit humor).


Oh shoot, I missed the shitstorm/drama. What fun things are going on around it?

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Amazing fantastic creatures by Zoran Tadić od fantazam.com. Each of these has a story and incredible attention to details and everything is made from natural materials like bone and agave leaves.
#fantasy #fantastic #creatures #islandHvar
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Die jährliche Überarbeitung meiner App-Listen ist auch ein mehrwöchiger Ganztags-Job. Nach ca. 3 Wochen bin ich jetzt ungefähr in der Mitte angekommen ("Lese-Ecke" fertig): veraltete/tote Links raus, frische rein wenn auffindbar, Lücken füllen, neue Referenzen für ⭐ Apps aktiv suchen… Soll ja für Euch nützlich bleiben:


Besser als "Alternatives-To", da auch Kriterien wie Trackerzahl, Bewertungen & mehr einfließen. Oder was meint Ihr?

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ICYMI: We just had our August 2021 Community Update!

We announced the PineNote: a high-end e-ink device powered by the same SoC as the Quartz64.

We also went into detail on upcoming hardware and software updates for PinePhone, Pinebook Pro, and Pinetime.

Read now: pine64.org/2021/08/15/introduc


Oh man I wish I was me right now, ice cold beer and hot night by the sea... Oh wait, I am me :)

Funny. I'm being targeted for some scam. Somebody called work to get my number. Google robots told me they think I'm targeted and I should enable "Advanced Security". Anybody has any experience with this stuff?

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Basicallly, solving problems with quantum computers is not like algorithm going step by step, but more akin to throwing a bunch of beans and picking the tile where most of them landed, right?

So, which dock and 4k monitor for a m1 mac? Need an upgrade in the family.

I feel like is pushing ever more into the enterprise instead of . They're really active there. I guess that's their core business - software stuffs for enterprise, is just the new Windows.
On one hand, I think has squandered their chance to push in and get a foothold with . But on the other hand, it's not their core, it's a byproduct. They have other things that are always in focus.

If anybody's looking for an affordable, relaxed, no frills conf that's looking deep into internals, I have to give a shout to (worker.sh/). I've been on the first two, and it's mostly a relaxed place, everybody is hanging around close together (speakers and audience) the whole time. And the talks are quite deep and technical. This year they're online, and cheaper then usual at just 50 Euros.
I'm not part of their team, I just sincerely love the good vibes there.

I think I lost my camera. I'm quite sad about it, I miss it. I just uploaded some phone photos to pixelfed from a recent visit to the old place, but I'm not not happy.

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