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Any "icon creators" here? A new FOSS app will hit @fdroidorg soon, but the author is no "graphical guy" and thus needs your help for a good icon.

So: Icon designers, please join in – everyone else is welcome to boost, as usual 😃


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I'm working on becoming better in making nigiri. Slowly I'm getting better when it comes to the looks, they look quite nice in the photo don't they? I still have problems with the rice seasoning, the rice becomes less sticky once I season it with rice vinegar which changes the consistency. Also the fish I use is the cheap frozen salmon which is chewy and kind of tasteless, but that's just for now when I'm training to cut it the right way, I will use fresh one...

via jeena.net/photos/546

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Are you the kind of person who wants to discuss, or at least vent about, the move toward authoritarianism in the world today? Do you think pseudoscience is a huge problem? Do you want to talk about the kind of woo people like Gwyneth Paltro pushes on gullible people? Do you think there's way too much sexist/racist/*phobic bro bullshit in skepticism?

Come join Non-Awful Skeptics over at nonawfulskeptics.dreamwidth.or and we'll have a time!

#skeptic #skepticism #community #dreamwidth

pic of alcohol, lousy joke about hoarding 

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Me, right now:
$ sudo dnf update
sudo: dnf: command not found
(right, I'm on the desktop)
$ sudo yum update
sudo: yum: command not found
(ubuntu, you moron!)

I need a laptop that is good enough as a desktop replacement, but lightweight.

The problems you have when your warehouse is distributed, but your ephemeral storage isn't:


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I hear a lot "But I am never influenced by ads, all the consumption choices I make are mine". Flash news: we all get influenced at some level. It's called biases.
@hellgy@twitter.com and I created 52 UX Cards to help you discover some of those cognitive biases stephaniewalter.design/blog/52

I'm reading the Lord of the rings to my boys and one had a great idea which essentially boils down to send a corona-infected mouse to Sauron :)

Mmm delightful article on home~~cooking~~coding - or programing just enough to serve yourself and your family, but not making it a career:


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Yep, I'll have to learn a lot more. I just got a bit more serious about the whole thing a few years ago, and in terms of Scotch, I have very little experience as to what works.

I think all expats bloody hate when websites think you're speaking language x and switch from english just because your IP is in X. I might just set up my vpn thing to always connect from like whatever country has population of 2 and surely no locally translated version.

Well. I've just learned that if I water down a bit, I like it much better. I mean, I used to take "two-three drops" completely literally. Now I figured that you don't have to exactly drown it, but more then literally just 2 drops is needed, maybe like a spoonful or two.

Time to spend 100s again to re-taste all the things I have so far.

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