Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications

A tool that can record your js, then let you find a bug and fix it and _test it_ locally on those logs as they replay before you ship out the change.

Finally some at blog.

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What I have here is two cask-strength Scotch whiskys, so called "cask-strength sherry-bombs" for their high alcohol content.
Left: Glenfarclas 105, 60% abv
Right: Aberlour A'Bunadh, batch #61, 60.8% abv

#scotch #whisky #aberlour #abunadh #glenfarclas #caskStrength
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Hey is IntelliJ Idea like the ultimate JetBrains ? I mean, I can do my , , Spring, but I can also get stuff? Or should I have PyCharms for the python part?

I am now playing with a monorepo project with Python and Angular, so dunno if I should install PyCharms and use webstorm/pycharms individually.

With all these "today you buy a domain, tomorrow you ignore it" shenanigans my optimist self is pulling on me, I'm thinking of just remembering the IP address of my box at Hetzner and go with self-signed certs from now on.

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Microsoft has announced that Office365 Pro Plus "will include a Chrome extension that forcibly changes the default search engine to Microsoft's own search engine, Bing"

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function validate_email(value){
return true;

has a length capped at 16 characters? I bet my toaster can crack that in an hour! I really wonder what's the reason for this limit, it's gotta be the best story.

So my friends over at have a speed coding challenge where you can win Airpods, or 100$ Amazon thing or whatever. And I have my referal link to the said challenge right here:

Me: "opened today".

Feels lucky to have someone so tolerant and understanding.

My most tolerant wife ever, writing all over the fridge door:

"For the millionth time: open jars, put a date on them and set them in front. Fruits and veggies..."

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Ehm. current status, reading about importing types in 3.8 beta. A bit confusing. Good thing I've caught it though, when 3.8 really goes out and I reread it, it won't be ottally new and confusing.

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