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In this day and age we have the technology for most of our life to be automatic, chores done etc. But I'm still running out of SATA cables and small parts for my computer on a regular basis.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've received a "Bienenpatenschaft" (literally something like bee-godfathership) for my engagement in my kids' school. It's quite surprising to me how much stuff is done for the bees in Germany. Like, they keep small random parts of their fields just for flowers for the bees. They create protected zones. They do these godfatherships where you sponsor setting up one new beehive. A lot of interesting initiatives. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot more then in, say,Croatia, where not many people care.

You're experienced when you start going for Stackblitz instead of Stackoverflow for answers to your questions.

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Encased the computer, and now (re) testing it. I also changed the LED display to say "HI" and "LO" instead of reporting a numerical value. This machines runs with an overclocked 5x86 at 160Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 512kb L2 cache, a IDE/SCSI controller, a VLB video card, a card and one of my cards, plus daughterboard.

Well, this doctor just boosted me, and she's not even on mastodon

Are there technical reasons for or is it almost always due to Conway's Law?

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Tell me how long you’ve been into web development without telling me.

I’ll start, I’ve shipped working web apps when browsers had absolutely no debugging or inspection facilities.

Just made a fun JS typo:

throw new Year('Year must be between...');

Okay, let's try Advent of Code 2021, I just have done the day 1.

#nodejs rant 

What's with people putting stuff their lib will not work without into PEER deps? Don't you understand npm?

I can understand some special cases, like if a top-level lib has multiple sub libs, you never install those anyway, you go for the main lib. Or if you like had few options so one is needed (although that would not work well with newest npm versions).

But a project that can't work without a lib, is built on top of it, is only ever meant to with with it. That lib is your dep, not peer.

Fun how the most protests against covid measures are in countries where there's the most cases.

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Was looking up the exact meaning of “gunplay” and accidentally hit the enter key early. Now I want to do Gunpla.

I started using nomnoml diagrams with my Obsidian notes recently and I love it more and more.

So npm search on the website right now:

"react authentication" -> results
"angular authentication" -> "looks like something unexpected occurred!".

The CLI search seems to work though.

(For the curious, I wanted screenshots for my slides.)

Is anyone else finding npm search very flaky recently? A lot of "something unexpected occured" recently.

Ok so I need to buy or build a cheap NAS for my photography hobby (and perhaps serving some media). Preferably low power but fast network (1GB) is important.

Any suggestions?

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