Allright, all my followers, I'm moving to my self-hosted thing (since is shutting down), but the account move is not working on the software I chose. Anyway, I'm off to @zlatko, so if you wanna re-follow, you'll have to do it manually. Hope to see you there!

"Stalnica"? Definitivno ću kreirati programski jezik gdje su ključne riječi na hrvatskom, samo zato da mogu napisati "stalnica s = 42"!

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Yes, maybe stopping a blockchain is not a good sign "But today Binance Bridge was hacked, BNB Chain was stopped within minutes, and decentralization became a false proposition."

And even considering a rollback "Some people say that the transaction may be rolled back" could be interpreted as red flag. 🚩

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Preferably -based or similar, mastodon-export-import-friendly, if possible or , alternative?

And alternatively -based, but simple so I can hack at it?

Or maybe disregard it all, and Google-Plus-like fedi thing?


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That was lucky!

It was one of those weird situations where the weather on one side of the glen was completely different from the other. On our side it was bright and sunny, I could feel the warmth on my back. On the other side there was torrential rain. The demarcation line was only 100m away.

The rain has to start and stop somewhere.

#DogWalk #Highlands #Scotland #weather

hey, followers and people on instance, if you have no plans, do you want to go rent a hosted instance (from @mastohost ) and share the costs? Short-term we only move our accounts, longer term we can probably also accept a few other accounts.

This is not a promise, I just wanna see if there's interest, or should I just go deploy my own thing.

which android client has offline download support?

Do you host your own and which one?

How many users, and apps? Where do you host it?

Why not a managed solution like Okta or Auth0 (or Google or Facebook)?

What can you use Stadia controller for?

Not that I used it for games, but I'm thinking there should be a way to repurpose the hardware.

It is ridiculously funny how Google builds great tech, but they have no clue how to build products.

So long, Stadia.

Oh shit, I don't have targets, I don't have to at all, but I write a few tests just to help me actually figure out how to write some features.

And guess what? 74% test coverage aint half bad for not even trying! It means very little code is thrown away!

RT from birdsite, giant donation 

An anonymous donor just sent 299 Ether (equivalent to 393,000 USD) to the @redox_os
donation address. Both this address and transaction are public. I have no idea what to do with a donation of this size but will have more details soon after some research.

Shoutout to one Pavel Birukov, who created tsc-silent wrapper for typescript, so I can silence the typescript compiler for errors in the generated code and third-party libs!

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