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My recipe.

Vodka 115 ml
Jamaca rum 30 ml
Bay leaves x 2, crush
Allspice, 8 berries, crush with knife
Cinnamon stick x 1, break into pieces
Orange zest x 4 tsps

Place all ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Leave to mature for, at least, two weeks. Strain, to remove the solids, into a suitable container.

I usually make a double quantity (as shown in the photo).

I made my last batch with vanilla, rather than allspice. It is different, but also worked.

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link to my twitter thread on picking linux for noobs 

I accidentally created a little thread over at by replying to someone:


I need to migrate off of the Google Music. I don't like what Youtube Music offers. What other platform can I use to stream me my collection of ca 20k songs? What is your fave and why?

Step 1: encrypt laptop
Step 2: don't use it for a few weeks
Step 3: password needed of course

Um. @peertubesocial , email verification gives me a 502 error, something not working?

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magical music thread 

fedi, i'm starting a thread to share some of the highlights in music that i think everyone should experience.

it's not genre-limited, so if one track(suit) doesn't (track)suit you, maybe check back in later and give the next one a chance.

idk how much traction this can get, but i like sharing music, so it doesn't really matter.

visiboosts are appreciated <3

Hey @ashfurrow can I ask a quick one? I have two people on follow requests that "the staff of mastodon technology" thought I should manually review. Is this because they're flagged somehow? As accounts or as coming from an instance? Where could one find out more?

Generally I don't mind prije following me, but this got me thinking.

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The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the "Privacy Shield" data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US surveillance noyb.eu/en/cjeu

pic of alcohol 

If I say I deserved it, I deserved it!

accreting pulsars intrigued me 

@anne hello! I just watched the talk that you posted a link to a few days ago, on the pulsar that accretes, I found it very interesting. I wonder if there's a follow-up to it? In the lecture you've asked for people to monitor a few more interesting objects, maybe find out more. Did anything ever come out of it?

Apologies if it's inappropriate to ask like this, but I can't find the toot now to reply to it.

omg how do I scroll someones toots without boosts and likes? I'm trying to reply to someone from a few days back but I haev to scroll through their boosts a lot!

Reminder to self: boost/like less to help your followers with a cleaner timeline

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what if.. haha
what if undefined.. was? .. a function?

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@zladuric @yakkoj You can do really cool things with js but because of architecture it has very low entry threshold and people just learn syntax and start writing code without any paradigm or style of programming and quality of their code is poor. Yes, there are awesome developers, who write cool code but if we compare in percent of them in js and in other language we will see that something is wrong with js

My has arrived! Let the convergence games begin!

For those interested, DHL charged me about 40€ - I think customs or clearance or something.

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