Can we acknowledge the fact that Rob Pike is the biggest douche in the industry?

I think my rat Robert is going to pass away soon. He's very old (over 3 human years) and he's getting pretty lethargic and starting to lose mobility in his back legs. It breaks my heart. I love him.

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I've gotten into this weird habit that I have to read from a lisp text book before I go to sleep. There is something about it that relaxes me. And then I dream in parenthesis.

Arithmetic compression just blows my mind…

Quick plug for my favorite frontend language, ! The language and architecture that inspired React! If you're a frontend dev and you've never tried it, take a look at Flagship features:

• Functional
• Compile-to-JS
• Zero runtime exceptions in practice
• Blazingly fast virtual DOM
• Stupid-easy refactoring
• Create runtime guarantees
• JS interop
• Human-oriented compiler errors
• Built-in toolchain
• Its own package ecosystem

I seriously can't oversell it. Go take a look!

I'm currently working on a Wolfenstein-like raycasting engine in . Elm is great for this; I can just focus on rediscovering all the high school trig I forgot! 😂

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